Best Banded Booty Building Moves

If any fitness influencer tells you that you can burn belly fat or get rid of cellulite with specific moves in just two weeks, they are 100% lying to you. Body fat is lost over the entire body and cellulite is completely normal, and often genetic. However, it is possible to make big differences in muscle composition by focusing on specific exercises and specific muscle groups. Resistance Training should be performed evenly over the entire body, including every muscle group. However, utilizing resistance in the form of bands or weights is beneficial for increasing the load on the muscles you want to build and make more prominent.

The biggest part of resistance training that many people are unaware of is how you are breathing throughout the movement. I always tell my clients to match their breath to their movement. This will make the movement seamless and help you go just a little slower than you want to, increasing the time your muscles are under tension. Speed should never be the goal; keep things slow and steady.

The number of reps you perform will be determined by your goals. In general, if you are looking to build intense muscle mass you want heavy weight and low reps. If you are looking for lean muscle mass, you want low-to-medium weight and mid-to-high reps. I generally have my clients perform 12-15 reps of low-to-mid resistance to gain that lean muscle mass.

Here are my favorite banded booty building exercises:

Fire Hydrant with Band

Frog Pump with Band

Crab Walks with Band

Glute Kickbacks

Glute Bridge with Opening with Band

Romanian Deadlift with Band

Standing Kickback with Band

Squat with Double Pulse

Straight Leg Deadlift with Band

Give them a go, and remember - results come from consistency. Make consistent decisions to move your body, find a way to do that intentionally, so that you can reach your goals. I believe in you!!

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