Create a Healthy Lifestyle From Your Home


Short but Effective Workouts

If you are looking for a good introduction on how Work It With Jess functions, this is the perfect membership for you.  You have unlimited access to all shortened workouts via the Work It With Jess App.  You have a choice from 5 Minute Burners to 20 Minute HIITs to 30 Minute Circuits, using a variety of exercise equipment which gives you the freedom to choose which workouts you can complete given the equipment that you have at home or in the gym.  This option also provides you with the ability to complete workouts any time, any where.  Only have 5 minutes?  No problem!  Make it count with a 5 Minute Challenge.

Challenge Yourself

If you live an active lifestyle but are looking for a new and interesting physical challenge, then this is the program for you.  You will have access to all workouts via the Work It With Jess App.  Consists of 3-4 workouts per week, tailored to increase in difficult and intensity as you progress.  The only equipment required are resistance bands and a yoga mat.

Barbell and Kettlebell Weights


Virtual Personal Training

Don't have the time or funds to attend in-person training sessions?  No problem!  This option gives you the ability to have a personalized training program that you can complete any time, any place.  After an initial virtual consultation, you will have a weekly training program designed just for you depending on your individual goals and equipment.  All workouts will be loaded into the Work It With Jess App and will increase in difficulty and intensity as your body allows.  We will have consistent check-ins to determine how you are progressing and to ensure you are meeting the goals you have set for yourself.  6 Month Membership and Month-to-Month Memberships available.  Sign up today to jump start a new healthy lifestyle!

Low Impact, Minimal Equipment

This program is tailored for beginners and individuals who may have taken a break from an active lifestyle.  This is a 12 Week Program that consists of 3 weekly workouts via the Work It With Jess App.  Required equipment include resistance bands, a 9 inch Pilates ball, and a yoga mat.  The Beginner Series is low impact, which is perfect for those who are overweight or may have joint issues.  This program starts at the very beginning and gradually increases in difficulty and intensity.  It's a great way to start out in the privacy of your home, and helps you to create a healthy lifestyle change!


Low Impact, No Floor Work

This program is tailor made for those over the age of 55 and individuals with High Blood Pressure.  This is a 12 Week Program that consists of 3 weekly workouts via the Work It With Jess App, is low impact and has no floor work.  Required equipment include resistance bands and a 9 inch exercise ball.  The 55+ and High Blood Pressure Series is a great way to create and maintain a healthy lifestyle, even if you are starting out later in life.  Resistance Training is extremely beneficial in reversing effects of High Blood Pressure, Osteoporosis, muscle deterioration, and obesity.  Sign up and begin a healthier lifestyle today!

Low Impact, Diastasis Recti Safe

This program is designed for mamas that are recovering from having children, whether it was 6 weeks ago or 6 years ago.  This 12 Week Program is low impact and safe for those looking to heal cases of Diastasis Recti.  So much of Postpartum Recovery is up to mothers to research and figure out on their own!  Today, let me help guide you on the journey of building your muscle structure back up, and most importantly, repair your core and pelvic floor strength through intentional movement and specific breathing techniques.  Required equipment are circular resistance bands and a 9 inch Pilates ball.  Pain and leaking after giving birth are not normal or healthy, and it is time to get control of your body back!